The Debate Followed by a Banquet to the Visitors.

The second annual debate between Yale and Princeton was held at Princeton on Friday evening. Yale won the contest by a majority vote of the judges.

The presiding officer of the evening was George Gray, Princeton '59, United States Senator from Delaware.

The judges of the debate were Messrs. Charles C. Beaman, James C. Carter and Francis L. Stetson.

Mr. Beaman on behalf of his colleagues announced the decision, but added that the decision was not unanimous.

A large number of those present went to the Princeton Inn after the debate, where a banquet was given, the Yale speakers being the guests of the evening. Charles B. Alexander '70, Princeton, was toast-master, and introduced the speakers with appropriate remarks, President Patton responding to "Princeton," and Professor A. T. Hadley of Yale replying for his institution.