Freshman Nine.

Very Few Candidates for Pitchers and Catchers.

A large number of candidates for the freshman nine met in the Trophy Room last evening, but there was a surprisingly small number of candidates for pitcher and catcher. The men begin moderate training at once, and will commence practice in the cage at the Gymnasium tomorrow afternoon. Captain Whittemore of the 'varsity nine will for the present do the coaching.

Following is a list of the men who presented themselves, together with the positions for which they are trying:

Pitchers - H. J. Bennett, D. Kennett.

Catchers - R. W. C. Brown, J. C. Rice.

First base - G. W. Crawley, S. W. Fordyce, W. H. Gray, F. Y. Hall, W. S. Packard.

Second base - G. A. Brown, W. M. Chandler, H. Foster, H. D. Prescott, A. T. Pilling, C. P. Slade.

Third base - K. Adams, B. R. Curtis, E. L. Logan.

Shortstop - P. O. Bacon, R. L. Chipman, R. L. DeNormandie, G. Pierpont, E. S. Scannean, T. D. Tompkins, B. H. Hayes.

Outfield - J. M. Abbott, R. M. Barker, G. T. Emmett, J. W. Edmunds, R. T. Fisher, S. S. Hinds, F. Hayes, T. Irwin, F. Jordan, E. St. J. Johnson, J. L. Knox, W. O. Kimball, L. P. Marvin, E. F. Pitman, F. A. Sterling, F. A. Vaughan, O. A. Wolcott, F. J. Goodridge.

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