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To the Editors of the Crimson:

That part of the vote of the faculty applying to the Freshman Musical Clubs is very much to be regretted. It is not in accordance with the spirit of fair play. Few will deny that the part referring to the Sophomore Theatricals is not uncalled for; from all appearances these theatricals might as well cease to be for they serve no good either for themselves or for other organizations. With the freshman glee and banjo clubs the affair is very different. The reason for this action is very weak: that freshmen are tending to form new organizations and their clubs are being invited to give public performances too often for the good of students' work. If freshmen are organizing new clubs and these are petitioning for public performances, let their petitions be refused. They would do no service to any thing; but the Freshman Musical Clubs do a service. They give each year a considerable sum to their crew, which is always looked forward to and welcomed and always necessary, and they train and develop men for the 'varsity glee and banjo clubs. It is absurd to say that the freshmen will keep up their club now for their own amusement, that they will practise and work a whole year only "for fun." The spring concert is the one aim of the clubs all the year, no less for the sum to be given the crew than for its pleasure. Nor is the plea for "consistency" less absurd. Why interfere with a few beneficial and harmless freshman organizations, because others which have no merit to them wish to be formed? It is a poor argument to cry "consistency" in this case. Refuse the new organizations; no one will object to this inconsistency, but let us have useful and harmless organizations, there are few enough chances any way for freshmen to meet together socially.

If this sweeping vote is strictly adhered to there will be no freshman musical clubs hereafter. It will be a unwise and an unjust act on the the part of the faculty.


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