Crew Notes.

No More Secret Practice for the 'Varsity Crew.

Hereafter the daily practice of the 'varsity crew will be open. On Mondays all who desire will be admitted to the rowing room and on other days spectators will be allowed to watch the practice from the windows which overlook the room. All of the paper will be removed from the windows.

The 'varsity crew rowed yesterday in the following order:

Stroke, Hollister; 7, Perkins; 6, R. H. Stevenson; 5, Manning; 4, Shepard; 3, Lewis; 2, Bullard (Watriss); bow, Watson.

Freshman Crew.Yesterday the two freshman crews rowed as usual and ran fifteen times around the out-door track. This was the first run for some time. Several more candidates came out Monday, and there are now five extra men. The order of the first crew was changed yesterday, Goodrich and Fuller having changed places: Stroke, Rice; 7, Ames; 6, Woodward; 5, Aldrich; 4, Goodrich; 3, Butler; 2, Scull; bow, Fuller.

Sophomore Crew.The candidates for the '97 crew have been reduced to sixteen men, and the two crews will certainly be retained until it is time to go on the river, if not longer. The make-up of the first crew at present is as follows: Stroke, Corn-well; 7, Chatman; 6, Elder; 5, White; 4, Connor; 3, Kernan; 2, Phelps; bow, Rantoul.