Successful Glee Club Candidates.

About forty men presented themselves at the 'Varsity Glee Club trials held Tuesday and Wednesday evenings. There was, as usual, a lack of first tenor material; the new voices were, however, good as a rule. The following men were taken on for further trial:

First tenor - H. M. Woodruff '98; G. E. Hills '97.

Second tenor - J. S. Valentine '98, E. H. Darling '97, T. M. Hastings '98, D. Fales, Jr., '97.

First bass - J. S. Holbrook '96, R. L. Scaife '97, G. H. Noyes '97, H. B. Fenno '97, M. G. Norton '95, R. P. Starkweather 1 Med., H. S. Marsh '97.

Second bass - O. M. Eakins '97, J. H. Bennett '98, S. S. Hinds '98, C. E. Sanders 2 L. S., E. H. Dwinnell '96, R. K. Fox '96.

The musical clubs will begin rehearsals next week. The following dates have already been decided upon for concerts: Feb. 26, Prospect Union; Mar. 1, Andover; Mar. 30, Colonial Club; April 6, University Club, Boston; May 3, Fall River; May 21, Spring Concert.