The Winter Meeting.

The annual indoor meeting of the Athletic Association was held in the Hemenway Gymnasium on Saturday afternoon. The attendance and the interest shown were no greater than they have been in previous years.

Eight events in all were contested and one New England record was broken, that of the potato race which E. H. Clark '96, won in 34 seconds. W. E. Putnam, Jr., '96, in the springboard leap, equalled the Harvard record of 8 ft. 6 in. W. W. Hoyt '98 made 10 ft. 4 1/2 in. in the pole vault and tried to break his record made at Worcester, but failed. Captain Wheelwright of last year's Mott Haven team was a contestant in this event.

The tumbling exhibition was the most interesting part of the programme, several very clever feats being performed. The parallel bars contest, in which there were five entries, resulted in a tie between J. Staab '95, and E. Staab '98; E. Staab won first place on the toss.

The shot put and the high jump were open invitation handicap events. In the former the scratch man made no showing at all; in the latter the scratch man, P. C. Stingel, B. A. A., won second place.

A summary of the events follows:

Putting 16 1b. shot (invitation handicap) - First, E. Klein '95 (5 ft. 6 in.), actual put, 32 ft. 5 1/2 in.; second, F. W. Eddy, Newton A. A. (1 ft. 3 in.), actual put, 35 ft. 7 1/2 in.; seven entries.

Parallel bars - The between J. Staab '95, and E. Staab '98; E. Staab won on the toss; five entries.

Running high jump (invitation handicap) - First, W. D. Rising, Newton A. A. (6 in.), actual jump, 5 ft. 5 in.; second, P. C. Stingel, B. A. A. (scratch), 5 ft., 9 3/4 in.

Potato race - First heat, E. H. Clark '96, 36 1/5s.; second heat, tie between A. L. Jackson '95, and E. Alden '97, 35 2/5s.; third heat, W. L. Garrison, Jr., '97; final heat, first, E. H. Clark; second, W. L. Garrison, Jr.; time 34s, Nine entries.

Spring board leaping - Won by W. E. Putnam '96, height, 8 ft. 6 in. (Harvard record). Three entries.

Exhibition tumbling - First, J. Staab '95; second, W. E. Putnam '96. Nine entries.

Ten yards dash - First heat, won by E. H. Clark '96; second, C. L. Smith, Jr., '97. Second heat, won by C. S. Fuller '96; second, F. L. Hardenbrook '97. Third heat, won by J. W. Edson '98; second, A. R. Wendell '96. Fourth heat, won by L. R. Brine '98; second, G. S. Prouty '97. Fifth heat, won by W. L. Garrison, Jr., '97; second, L. W. Redpath '98. Semi-finals, first heat, won by E. H. Clark '96; second heat, won by J. W. Edson '98 and A. R. Wendell '96; third heat, won by L. W. Redpath '98. Final heat, won by E. H. Clark; second, J. W. Edson; time, 1 4/5s.

Pole vault - Won by W. W. Hoyt '98 (scratch), height 10 1t. 4 1/2 in.; second, N. P. Hallowell '97.