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Student Volunteer Committee.


The committee on the collection of clothing desires to express its appreciation of the hearty response given by the students to the call for clothing given on January 28.

There were over 760 articles given, consisting of about 360 outer garments and about 400 undergarments, including starched goods and cravats. These were sent to the following societies on February 9, from whom we have receipts. The per cents given are approximate:

Boston Provident Association .20

Roxbury Charitable Society .20

Boston Industrial Temporary Home .30

City Missionary Society, of Boston .10

Berkeley Temple, of Boston .10

Ruggles Street Church, of Boston .10

The societies express great appreciation of the clothing sent, as there is great need during this cold weather.

There will be no more collections by the committee this year. Next year, however, the work will be resumed, and those having clothing which they desire to dispose of through this medium will please hold their goods until such collections are made. In this way much of the indiscriminate and harmful giving from the dormitories will be avoided.

Any persons having clothing which they wish to dispose of this spring may have it called for by sending a card to the undersigned or any other member of the committee.

H. C. WRIGHT, for Committee.

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