Special Notice.

ON Monday, March 18, D. Toy of 71 Beacon Street, opened his large line of spring goods for gentlemen's wear, selected from the best foreign manufacturers.

ONE club, also seats at general table, can be accommodated at


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1200 Mass. Ave., Cambridge.LOOK HARVARD! - 60-70 days camping out. To the Yellowstone National Park. By way of the Tetous, Roaring Snake, Jackson's Lake, the Switzerland of America.

A party of college students will leave Piedmont, Wyo., about July 1. Saddle horses and every convenience furnished. Rates low. For particulars address



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Piedmont, Wyoming.A NEW book, "Uncle Sam's Church," has just appeared which bids fair to have a national success, The author, John Bell Bouton, considers the impossibility of a State religion, and advocates a National Patriotic Cult to take its place. To secure this new patriotism the people must have every day patriotic inspirations. The placing of the Federal Constitution and the Declaration of Independence in every post office, the free distribution by Congress of tracts on the lives of Washington (including his Farewell Address), Adams, Madison and Monroe, is but one of the methods to further this cult. The facilities which congress has for doing this work well and at the same time cheaply are thoroughly explained by the author. The plan is not only possible but can not help appealing to every true American. Lamson, Wolffe & Co., Publishers, Boston.

DANCING CLASS. - Mrs. L. J. Chandler's dancing class, Odd Fellows Hall, Cambridgeport. Address, corner of Main and Inman streets. Private lessons.