Chess Match.

A team from the Chess Club played a match with members of the Boston Chess Club Saturday at the rooms of the Boston Club. Eleven games were played, of which four were won by Harvard men.

The players with the openings are given below. The winner is given first in each game:


1. Walcott (B) Davis (H) Sicilian.

2. Webster (B) Ozanne (H) Staunton.


3. Sanford (B) Ryder (H) P-Q 4.

4. Cabot (B) Stevens (H) Scotch.

5. Shoenfeld (H) Sargent (B) P-Q 4.

6. Miller (B) Peck (H) French.

7. Ballou (H) Knight (B) Ponziani.

8. Spaulding (H) Gannett (B) Vienna.

9. Kennard (B) Southard (H) Vienna.

10. Hubbard (B) Johnson (H) Ginoco.

11. Hewins (H) Pennypacker (B) Evans.