'Varsity Crew.

An individual criticism of the 'varsity crew is as follows:

Hollister, stroke, is slow starting his slide on the recover, and washes his oar out at the end of the stroke. Weight, 174 1/2 lbs.

R. H. Stevenson, 7, gets too much body reach, rushes his slide and buries his oar too deep. Weight, 177 lbs.

F. N. Watriss, 6, is slow with his body swing on the stroke. His watermanship is excellent. Weight, 178 lbs.

Perkins, 5, swings out to port on the swing up, and is apt to jerk in his arms at the finish. His watermanship is fair. Weight, 178 lbs.

Fennessy, 4, is apt to get a little crook in his back. The rest of his work is excellent. Weight, 173 1/2 lbs.

Damon, 3, lacks power in the stroke His watermanship is poor, the chief fault being the washing out of his oar at the finish. Weight, 170 1/2 lbs.

Shepard, 2, rushes his slide and swings too far back and cocks his oar badly at the full reach. Weight, 169 lbs.

Lewis, bow, hangs at the full reach and is very slow in getting his oar in the water. Weight, 169 lbs.

On the whole the body work of the crew is good in regard both to time and form. As yet the crew has not progressed very far in the use of the slide and it is yet too early to give any estimate of the work in that direction. The amount of slide now used is 12 inches, but this will probably be lengthened as soon as the crew goes into the shell permanently. During the Easter vacation the crew will probably row twice a day regularly.