Shooting Club.

At a meeting of the committee of the Shooting Club on the series of handicap shoots, held yesterday afternoon, the following conditions were drawn up:

1. The totals of the eight best shoots in twelve shall count for the prizes.

2. Strings are: Class A, 30 birds; Class B, 36 birds; Class C, 42 birds.

3. No man can start a string after 5 p. m.

4. No man can shoot more than one string in an afternoon.


5. No man can shoot more than five birds for practice before beginning a string.

6. Each man must shoot five birds at a time.

7. Contestants shall not be allowed to make up back strings.

8. Ties at the end of the series are to be shot at one string with handicap.

9. The executive officer must name two judges, and in case of disagreement shall act as referee.

10. Any matter in dispute shall be referred to the committee.

11. New men must go into Class B.

12. The committee by a two-thirds vote shall have power to change a man from one class to another, but the change must be made before the beginning of the seventh shoot in the series.

13. All points not covered by these rules shall be governed by the rules of the American Association.

J. SARGENT, JR.,For the Committee.The entrance fee to the series is $2. The prizes are to be: First, an $80 grade hammerless gun; second, a Smith & Wesson revolver; third, a shooting coat. The shoots in the series will be held regularly on Monday and Thursday afternoons at two o'clock. In case of postponement, the shoot will be held on the following day. Notice of postponement will be posted at Leavitt's before 1 p. m. the day of the shoot. The classification of the members of the club appeared in the CRIMSON of March 30. The first shoot in the series will be held Thursday next.

In addition to the handicap match, there will be a number of special matches and a match every month for the Founder's Cup.

The only match shot at the practice shoot yesterday was a sweepstakes of five birds. The scores were: Dove, 3; Shaw, 3; Byrd, 3; Sterling, 2; Paine, 2. The shoot was won by Byrd.