Simultaneous Chess.

At a meeting of the Harvard Chess Club in 7 Little's last night, Mr. P. J. Hill of New York, formerly a member of the Boston Chess Club played simultaneous games with twelve members of the Harvard Chess Club. Mr. Hill intended to play blindfolded, but as he had just finished a journey it was thought best to abandon this plan. Of the twelve games which were played, Mr. Hill won nine and lost three. The games with the openings, the names of the Harvard men and the winners are given below:

Opening. Winner.

1. Southard, French, Southard.

2. Davis, French, Davis.

3. Dunn, Sicilian, Hill.

4. Ryder, French, Hill.


5. Peck, French, Hill.

6. Ffoulke. Evans, Hill.

7. Barnard, Irregular, Hill.

8. Johnson, Queen's Gambit, Hill.

9. Elson, English, Hill.

10. Hewins, K. Gam. Dec. Hill.

11. Van Kleeck, Irregular, Hill.

12. Ballou, Guioco Piano, Ballou.