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THE treasurer will be at 20 Ware Hall during the present week from 11.15 to 1. Men who have receipts may obtain shingles. Collectors are requested to hand in their reports.


R. C. DAVIS, Treas.MEETING of the '95 Phi Beta Kappa in Sever 5 at 7 this evening. The attendance of every member is important.

ROLAND GRAY, Sec.MANDOLIN CLUB. - Rehearsal today at 5 o'clock.

W. MCKITTRICK, Sec.FRESHMAN BANJO CLUB. - All members be at Pach's with their instruments at 1 p. m. sharp.

R. B. FLERSHEM, Leader.LACROSSE. - Every man in college who can handle a stick is urgently requested to be out today at 4 o'clock sharp. The team goes to Cornell Friday, and regular practice games this week are badly needed.

R. H. E. STARR.'VARSITY GLEE CLUB. - Important rehearsal tonight at 6.30 sharp.

H. C. TAYLOR, Sec.CRICKET ELEVEN. - It is important for all members of the cricket eleven to be at Soldiers Field at 3.30 o'clock today.

P. H. CLARK, Capt.HARVARD TOTAL ABSTINENCE LEAGUE. - The secretary will keep office hours during the remainder of the year at 57 College House Mondays from 4.30 to 5 p. m. Men may join the league and members may get shingles at these hours.

J. H. LEWIS, Sec.A list of seniors whose photographs are ready for the Portfolio is posted in University. This list will be corrected each day until May 23. After this day no more pictures will be received. The absence of any senior's picture in this year's Portfolio will be due to himself.

W. B. WOLFFE, Editor.CRIMSON. - The photograph of the board, including all Ninety-five editors will be taken at Pach's today at 1.30. Every editor be sure to be present.

HARVARD SHOOTING CLUB. - The twelfth and last shoot for the Smith gun will be held Monday at 2. This is the last shoot at the grounds this spring.


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