Weld Boat Club.

The annual spring races of the Weld Boat Club were held on the Charles river basin Saturday. The programme originally included six events but this was cut down by the cancelling of the canoe and the double scull.

The single scull race had three entries - Philip Nichols '95, W. S. Youngman '95, and G. H. Noyes '97. Nichols, when well down the course, got upset, and his two opponents rowed to his aid. After giving him the assistance he needed, the two rowed for the finish, Youngman crossing first.

The race for wherries was divided into two preliminaries and a final. The first heat was won by W. W. Stevens '97 and the second by R. C. Chittenden '97. The final was the closest race of the afternoon, the two men coming down to the finish almost boat for boat. Stevens won by less than a foot.

The four-oared boats made quite a contest. There were three entered and the most likely of the three, the one stroked by Magrath, was set back about three yards at the start. This handicap was too much for it to overcome, and the crew stroked by Addison, consisting of Addison '96, Delaney '96, Fay '96 and Chase '96, won from the crew stroked by Stevens '97, who had with him Smith '96, Foster L. S, and Gray '97, by about a length.

There were two boats in the pair-oared race, and that manned by F. C. Jones '95, and C. E. Bubb '96 won by three lengths.


No time was taken for any of the events. All the races, with the exception of the four-oared, which was one mile, were over the half-mile course.