Harvard Beaten in Lacrosse.

Stevens Institute defeated Harvard in lacrosse on Manhattan Field, New York city, Saturday.

Stevens won the toss and sent Harvard to the east goal, where it was placed at slight disadvantage, facing the sun. For 22 minutes the teams struggled with the ball, the greater part of the time in Harvard's territory, before the first goal was scored. It was cleverly thrown through the Harvard goal by Scott.

The teams then changed goals, and, 12 minutes later, during a scrimmage, Maxfield of Stevens, in trying to prevent the Harvards from scoring, accidentally knocked the ball through the Stevens goal, which counted as a goal for Harvard.

With the score even, they again changed goals, and, after six minutes' fierce play, Burley succeeded in throwing a goal for Harvard. Nothing more was accomplished in the first half.

In the second half Stevens managed to tie the score by Christie's throwing a goal at the end of 12 minutes' rapid playing. The teams changed goals and it then took Stevens just 11 minutes to take the lead by scoring her third goal, through clever manipulation of the sphere by Walker. The players were still battling like Trojans when the last half terminated.


There were a number of accidents, but none of the players were injured sufficiently to prevent them from playing.