Interscholastic Football.

A meeting of the schools represented in the senior and junior football leagues was held at the B. A. A. Saturday night, the following schools being represented: Cambridge Manual Training, English High, Boston Latin, Hopkinson, Cambridge High and Latin, Newton High, Dedham High, Roxbury High, Somerville High and Brookline High.

A constitution was adopted which provides that it shall govern both leagues; that the name of the organization shall be the Interscholastic Football Association, all schools in Boston and vicinity to be eligible to membership; the president of the association must be the captain of the team winning first place in the senior league, and the vice-president the captain of the champion team of the junior league; the executive committee to consist of the captain of the Harvard football team, three undergraduates of the schools in the league, with the president ex officio and two graduates of Harvard.

The total number of teams in the senior league was limited to six. The latest that any game can be played is the Saturday after Thanksgiving.

The association shall hold its meetings the last Saturday of September in each year. Before the series begins each school shall hand in its list of players for the year, and every player must at least have 12 hours at his school and shall not be over 21 years of age. Each scholar in the senior league shall have two votes and those in the junior league one.

The officials in every championship game must not be either past or present members of the competing schools, and shall have power, with the consent of the captains of the contesting teams, to call a game on account of darkness, or by the interference of spectators, to indefinitely postpone a game.


Captain Burnett of the Cambridge Manual Training School was elected president, and Cook of Brookline High School, vice-president; also a committee was appointed to serve until the next meeting of the association.