Official Notice.

ENGLISH C. - Conferences in English C will be discontinued until Wednesday, June 5.

The fourth forensic will be returned in Upper Mass. on Tuesday, June 4, from 3 to 5.

ENGLISH 22. - Seniors who took English 22 in 1892-3 may get their themes in Sever 1 on Wednesday, June 5, between 2 and 5 o'clock.

LEWIS E. GATES.SALES' Prize Competition in Spanish Composition. - The examination upon which the award of the Sales' Prize will be made, is to be held on Wednesday, June 12, at 9.15 a. m., in Harvard 5.


81 3+

For the Committee.THE Harvard College Observatory will be open to members of the senior class from 8 to 10 p. m. on the evenings of Thursday, May 30, Friday, May 31, and Saturday, June 1.