Interscholastic Games.

The annual Interscholastic games were held on Holmes Field on Saturday and proved in every way successful. The attendance was good and the track was quite fast, although the weather was very hot and sultry. Records were broken in the half-mile run, the mile walk, bicycle race, and pole vault. Among the best performances of the day were the mile walk, in which Moore of Newton High finished in 7m. 18 3/5s., and the pole vault in which Johnson of Worcester Academy cleared 10 ft. 7 in. Hine of Andover won the low hurdles in 26 4/5s., and also took first place in the high hurdles.

Worcester High School showed up very strongly in the track events, winning first place in all the runs, and thereby retained the shield offered to the school scoring the greatest number of points. Andover was a close second, and English High School was third.

The points won by the different schools were as follows:

Worcester High School, 33

Andover, 25

English High School, 12 1/2

Worcester Academy, 9 2/3

Hopkinson's, 6

Newton High, 5 1/5

Somerville High, 5

Nobles, 4 1/5

Roxbury Latin School, 3 1/2

Cambridge High and Latin, 3