Class Day and the Exercises of Commencement Week.

Despite the fears of many that the weather would interfere with the exercises of Class Day, June 21, the whole program for the day as announced by the committee was successfully carried out, the rain holding off until late in the evening. The management was excellent and reflected great credit upon the Class Day Committee and its assistants.

Of the many meetings of graduate associations held during Commencement week, by far the most important was that of the Law School Association on June 25. As had been previously announced, the completion of Professor Langdell's twetny-five years of service as Dean of the Law School was made the occasion of an extended celebration in his honor. Sir Frederick Pollock delivered in Sanders Theatre an oration of great interest on "The Vocation of the Common Law." At the dinner held in the Gymnasium after the oration, speeches were made by President Carter, Dean Langdell, Sir Frederick Pollock, Justice Horace Gray '45, Justice Henry B. Brown L. S. '59, Judge O. W. Holmes '61, Joseph H. Choate '52, S. Kurino L. S. '81, Japanese Ambassador, and President Eliot. President Eliot announced that the Corporation would accede to Professor Langdell's desire to retire from the office of dean and be relieved of one third of his teaching work, and would continue to him his full present salary.

At the business meeting of the Law School Association held in the morning the old officers were re-elected. J. C. Carter '50, president, P. S. Abbot '90, treasurer, and L. D. Brandeis L. S. '77, secretary. The Hon. Richard Olney L. S. '58, was added to the list of vice-presidents, J. B. Warner '69, H. W. Putnam '69, and C. S. Rackeman L. S. '81, were chosen members of the council. The meeting voted by a small majority to instruct the council to preserve in their effort to secure for the alumni of the Law School the same right to vote for Overseers as is now enjoyed by graduates of the College. Sir Frederick Pollock and John H. Arnold, Librarian of the Law School, were elected honorary members of the association.

The Commencement exercises were held in Sanders Theatre, June 26. No changes worthy of mention from the usual manner were made. President Eliot conferred degrees on 391 Bachelors of Art, 24 Bachelors of Science, 10 Doctors of Veterinary Medicine, 17 Doctors of Dental Medicine, 65 Doctors of Medicine, 80 Bachelors of Laws, 6 Bachelors of Theology, 84 Masters of Arts, 2 Doctors of Science, 16 Doctors of Philosophy. Three "testimonials without academic degree" were also given. 28 men received the degree of A.B. out of course, 6 that of A.M., 3 that of LL.B., 1 that of M.D. and two that of S.B. Twelve honorary degrees were given, as follows: A.M., William A. Chanler, George Dock, Wendell Phillips Garrison, Joseph Jefferson, Roswell Park; S.T.D., George A. Gordon; LL.D., Charles Frncis Adams, John Chipman Gray, FitzEdward Hall, Oliver Wendell Holmes, Alfred Thayer Mahan, Frederick Pollock.

The annual meeting of the Alumni Association was held on Commencement Day, Professor C. E. Norton '46, presiding. The secretary, Henry Parkman '70, read the annual report, and the usual officers were elected. Edmund Wetmore '60, of New York, is president; S. Lothrop Thorndike '60, of Cambridge, treasurer, and Henry Parkman '70, of Boston, secretary.


The 24th annual banquet of the Dental Alumni Association was held at the Thorndike, Boston. The election of officers resulted as follows: President, James Shepherd D. S. '85; vice-president, Frank Perrin D. S. '77; secretary, Waldo E. Boardman D. S. '86; treasurer, Washburn E. Page D. S. '77; executive committee, W. E. Boardman, chairman, W. P. Cooke, D. S. '81, Partick W. Moriarty D. S. '89.

The Divinity School Alumni Association met June 25 and elected the following officers: President, W. O. White '40; vice-president, S. B. Stewart Div. '62, secretary, J. L. Seward '68; business committee, S. C. Beane '61, E. C. Guild '53, W. H. Fish, Jr. '65.

The annual meeting of the Harvard Graduates' Magazine Association was held June 25. Last year's officers were re-elected as follows: President, Henry Lee '36; vice-presidents, Charles Francis Adams '56, James R. Chadwick '65, Charles J. Bonaparte '71, Warren K. Blodgett '78; secretary, Wm. G. Thompson '88; treasurer, Winthrop H. Wade '81. Nine graduates were also elected to serve with the officers as the council.

The Lawrence Scientific School Alumni Association held its annual meeting on Commencement Day. After the meeting a dinner was served at the Colonial Club. The following officers were elected for the present year: President, Nathaniel Southgate Shaler L. S. S. '62; vice-presidents, Frank Wigglesworth Clarke L. S. S. '67, Thomas Smith Howland L. S. S. '68; secretary, Andrew McFarland Davis L. S. S. '54; treasurer, Francis Winthrop Dean L. S. S. '75; members of council, George Ira Alden L. S. S. '68, Robert Tracy Jackson L. S. S. '84.

The Medical Alumni Association held its fifth annual meeting in Boston, June 25, Dr. George B. Shattuck '63, presiding. F. G. Morrill M. S. '69, G. S. Osborne '60, and Homer Gage '82, were elected councilors for the term of four years. Drs. G. J. Engelmann and Theobald Smith were made honorary members.

The Phi Beta Kappa held a meeting for the election of officers on Thursday, June 27. The officers of the present year, president, James C. Carter '50, vice-president, Roger Wolcott '70; corresponding secretary, William C. Lane '81; treasurer, Henry G. Denny '52, were re-elected for the following year. The following were elected honorary members: Sir Frederick Pollock Bart., Corpus Professor of Jurisprudence, Oxford; Louis D. Brandeis L. S. '77, Andrew McFarland Davis, the Rev. A. V. G. Allen D. D. '86, Charles H. Moore A. M. '90. The following additional members from the class of '95 were elected by the general society on the nomination of their classmates, in accordance with the provisions of the constitution: J. H. Chase, W. E. Hutton, A. S. Pier, Robert Walcott.

The annual alumnin dinner was held at 2 o'clock of Commencement Day. The Rev. S. F. Smith was the oldest graduate in line. Professor Norton presided and opened the after-dinner speaking. The otehr speakers were President Eliot, Governor Greenhalge, Captain A. T. Mahan, Sir Frederick Pollock, Justice Horace Gray '45, Charles Francis Adams '56, Joseph Jefferson, J. H. Choate '52, J. C. Carter '50, and the Rev. Dr. George A. Gordon.

During Commencement Day the votes of qualified alumni were cast for the various candidates for overseer. The following were elected: Theodore Roosevelt of New York, C. F. Adams of Lincoln, Edmund Wetmore of New York, Robert Bacon of New York, Robert Grant of Boston, R. M. Morse, of Falmouth.