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The freshmen eight-oared crews of Harvard, Yale and Columbia rowed a two-mile race at New London, Conn., in the forenoon of June 27. The contest for first place was the most exciting seen on the Thames for many years. Almost until the line was crossed it was impossible to pick the winner. The usual statistics follow:

YALE '98.


Stroke, B. F. Rogers, 160

7, P. D. Mill, 170


6, P. Whitney, 168

5, J. O. Rodgers, 180

4, R. Hitchcock, 172

3, G. F. Morris (Capt.) 168

2, J. McLaughlin, 158

Bow, G. E. Cram, 160

Coxs., A. H. Green, 108


Stroke, N. W. Cabot, 163

7, D. M. Goodrich, 162