Special Notice.

DONT go into a Crawford Shoe Store expecting to purchase for $3.00 "The best shoe in the world." We do not know how to make it at that price. For $6.00, $5.00 or even $4.00 we will give you a first-class shoe.

THE Pray Building was the centre of attraction for a tremendous crowd during the day of the great parade of the Knights Templar in Boston last month.

In addition to most gorgeous decoration in bunting and electric lights, Messrs. John H. Pray, Sons and Co., so well known to our readers as the famous carpet dealers of Boston, established in front of their building, on the big clock, a news bulletin, with telephonic connections.

By this means a great throng of patient waiters for the procession was kept informed of the time of its start and of the progress it was making.

Nothing like this had ever been attempted before outside of a newspaper office, even by the most enterprising advertisers.


Congratulations are due not only to the firm, but also to Mr. A. E. Sproul, the advertising agent who so cleverly manages its advertising.

DANCING CLASSES. Mrs. L. J. Chandler's classes open as follows: North Cambridge, Odd Fellows Hall, Saturday, Oct. 5, 8 p. m.; Cambridgeport, Odd Fellows Hall, Tuesday, Oct. 8. 8 p. m. Residence, corner Mass. Ave. and Inman st.

ROOMS with or without board in a desirable locality near the college yard with a private family (German); either a suite of two rooms or single rooms. Best of references given and required. For further particulars address A. B., CRIMSON office.