Names and Addresses of 460 College Freshmen.

The following is a list of freshmen who have already registered. Home addresses are marked by an asterisk.

No Cambridge address is given.

Adams, Austin, 26 Holyoke street

Adams, C P, 45 Oxford street

Adams, G E, 43 College House

Adams, Henry, 2d, 3 Claverly

Adams, H W, 30 Grays

Adams, John, 44 Brattle street

Adams, L P, 4 Quincy Hall

Alexander, E F, 341 Emming street

Alexander, F V, 379 Harvard street

Alexander, T S, 66 Marlborough street, Boston

Alger, F M,

Allen, H I, 52 College House

Andrews, R E, 1044 Mass avenue

Arvedson, G C, 22 Leonard avenue