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The Problem of Poverty.


Dr. Frederick H. Wines delivered a lecture last night in Sever 11, on the Social Problem of Poverty. He spoke in brief as follows:

There are two distinct groups of paupers, those who, through laziness or various vicious qualities, will not work, and those who, owing to some infirmity, can not work. The first, if he is physically and mentally able to find work but still refuses, merits little sympathy or consideration and should be left to suffer. With the second class it is different. He may have been incapacitated for work through no fault of his own.

There are two remedies for these evils, palliative treatment which is commonly inadequate, as it only for the moment cures the trouble; and radical treatment, which searches out the causes and traces them to their source. This latter is the kind of aid that is needed. More workers must be attracted; they must be instructed and trained and a more general interest in philanthropic work must be aronsed.

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