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Columbia College.


In connection with the removal of Columbia College to its new site on Morningside Heights, it is interesting to note the rapid progress made in this direction during the past few years. It is almost exactly four years since the proposition was made to the trustees that they should buy the site that has since come into their possession. Thus in this comparatively short period of time the matter has advanced from a bare proposition to the purchase of the ground, to the approval of a general plan for the arrangement of the buildings upon the new site and to the laying of the corner stone of the library, the first building to be erected. Circumstances have jutified the belief that the re-establishment of the college upon a scale commensurate with the extent and importance of its educational work would unfailingly command the confidence and support of the alumni and of the public.

From the work which has already been done it is possible to form some idea of what the finished buildings will be.

The library, presented by President Low, will be the central figure of the group. It will be built entirely of stone and will make a most conspicuous object on account of its height. The laboratories and lecture halls will be constructed of brick and will contrast favorably with the library.

Plans have now been approved by the trustees for Schermerhorn Hall and for a building to be used by the department of physics only. In the first instance that building will be used for the museums, laboratories, lecture rooms, and seminaries of the departments of botany, geology, mineralogy, psychology, and the Da Costa department of biology, together with the mechanical and astronomical courses.

The Physics Building will contain the departments of physics, geology, modern languages, and a couple of rooms for mathematics. The university building will contain the boiler house, the gymnasium, the dining hall, and the academic theatre. Plans are about to be begun for buildings to contain the departments of chemistry, metallurgy, the various engineering departments, and architecture.

Arrangements are now being made for the formal dedication of the site to its new use some time next spring and it is confidently expected by the trustees that the removal of the university will in all probability occur in the autumn of 1897.

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