Christian Association.

On Thursday next at 6.45 p. m. in Holden Chapel, the Harvard Christian Association will be addressed on the subject of Bible study by Mr. W. H. Sallmon, General Secretary of the Young Men's Christian Association of Yale University.

Mr. Sallmon, Yale '94, is now recognized as an authority on Christian work in colleges and will speak Thursday upon a subject of which he has made a special study.

The Bible courses offered by the Harvard Christian Associaion this year are as follows:

I. "Life of Christ." Wednesday, 6.45 p. m. Dr. H. C. Garrett.

II. "Life of Paul." Thursday, 7.30 p. m. Mr. W. W. Comfort.

III. "Acts and Epistles." Friday, 1.30 p. m. Mr. J. H. Ropes.


IV. "The Book of Job." Tuesday, 7 p. m. Mr. R. M. Alden.

An opportunity to register in courses will be given at the close of the meeting.