SAMOSET CLUB.- Meeting in 4 Conant, Friday evening, Oct. 16, at 8. 13 3t

LACROSSE practice at 3.45 behind Gymnasium, if pleasant. New men are urged to come out and learn the game.

'VARSITY BANJO CLUB.- The 'Varsity Banjo Club trial takes palce at 1208 Massachusetts avenue, Thursday evening, October 15, at 7.30 sharp. Every student who plays the banjeaurine, banjo or guitar is eligible.

R. B. FLERSHEM, Sec.Any member of the University, Academic, Graduate, Law, Medical or Divinity departments, whether Republican or sound money Democrat, may become a member of the Sound Money Campaign Club by enrolling at Leavitt and Peirce's, and by paying 25 cents. Students who desire "gold bug" shingles must pay 25 cents extra.

W. B. WOLFFE, Secretary.ST. PAUL'S SOCIETY.- It is hoped that all members of the society will try to be present at the Freshman reception on Wednesday evening at the Colonial Club at 8 p. m.