Fall Tennis Tournament.

On account of the continued bad weather for the last four days it has been impossible to begin the tennis tournament. In case of fair weather the following matches will be played today:

In the morning.

J. F. Brice vs. H. G. Gray at 10.00.

W. Scudder vs. P. V. Bacon at 10. 30.

R. T. Parke vs. L. E. Eustin at 11.30.


H. Shaw vs. T. Field at 12.

In the afternoon.

W. C. Burton vs. F. N. Reed at 2.00.

M. G. Beaman vs. M. Davis at 2.15.

H. C. Whitfield vs. L. A. Brown at 2.30.

T. M. Hastings vs. H. J. Holt at 2.45.

H. Ward vs M. Whitnian at 2.45.

H. S. Elliot vs D. Farrington at 3.00.

E. R. Marvin vs. S. M. Pierce at 3.00.

L. E. Ware vs. L. Valentine at 3.00.