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Now that the season has fairly begun, the football prospects at Princeton are not quite as promising as they were two weeks ago.

Rhodes '97, guard, will not return to college. Riggs '97, the other guard, is under faculty restriction and will not play this year, and Wentz '99, substitute guard, who developed into one of the best men on last year's team, has entered the University of Pennsylvania.

The new material is plentiful but poorly distributed with respect to the needs of the team. To fill up the holes in the centre of the line but three available men are now in sight. These are Crowdis, substitute for two years; Armstrong, who played at halfback last year, and Edwards, the Lawrenceville guard. Crowdis and Edwards have weight to spare, both of them exceeding 230 pounds, but they are lacking in activity.

Armstrong is an experiment at guard, as he was last year at halfback. He is somewhat heavier than last year, weighing now about 185 pounds, and shows considerable promise of filling the place after he gets a thorough knowledge of the points of his position. He is playing opposite Holt, of the scrub, and is hardly a fit match for the latter. The guard positions are likely to be weak this year, even after the best work is gotten out of the material at hand, for the material is not first-class.

For the other line positions the material seems more plentiful and of good quality. Church '97 and Tyler '97 are both strong tackles, and are already getting into their old-time form. For the ends, Cochran and Thompson are a formidable pair when in condition, but neither is in condition yet. Cochran's injured side is keeping him out of the game, and meantime he is losing valuable practice. Thompson is out but has not shown his usual good form yet. Brokaw '97 is playing Cochran's place, and is doing the best work he has ever done. He will give Thompson a close contest when Captain Cochran returns to his place. On the whole, however, the line is likely to be considerably weaker than it was last year, and Galley, at centre, is about the only star among the forwards.

Back of the line the situation is considerably better. Kelly, Bannard and Rosengarten of last year's team are ahead of the other candidates for half back, but concerning quarterback and fullback, much more is to be said.

The material for quarter is good. Smith, Suter, and Poe are all possibilities for the place, with their chances in the order given. Suter, last year's quarter, is not yet back to his old-time form. Smith is now doing the bulk of the work, and barring injuries, is likely to win the place.

At fullback Baird and Wheeler are the leaders.

Distance punting is not developing well. Baird is not doing nearly so well at the game as he did last year. Line bucking is better developed, and Baird is showing himself a winner here. Wheeler has the advantage of a great physique, but lacks experience outside of preparatory school games. On the whole, the material for backs is not bad.

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