A Number of Harvard Men Have Taken Courses This Year.

The following is the preliminary list of courses to be given at the Prospect Union this year, subject to revision. Courses begin Monday, Oct. 12. Four men are wanted, preferably from '98, for special service on one evening a week for an hour and a half for six weeks. A teacher in telegraphy is also wanted. Applications should be made at 18 Hastings today, between 2.30 and 4 to H. W. Foote. The list is as follows:



English 1a. Reading and Spelling. Instructor, H. R. Scott '97.

English 1b. Reading and Spelling. Instructor, R. L. Robbins '97.


English 2a. Advanced Reading and Elocution. Instrnctor,-

English 2b. Advanced Reading and Elocution. Instructor, C. Grilk '98.

English 3. Debating. Instructor, G. L. Paine, 1G.

English 4a. Grammar. Instructor, S. Robinson '98.

English 4b. Grammar. Instructor-

English 5. Rhetoric and Composition. Instructor, H. A. Phillips '97.

English 6, Daily Themes. Instructor, R. P. Bellows '99.

English 7. Argumentation. Instructor, J. D. Phillips '97.

English 8. Modern Literature-Prose Writers of the Nineteenth Century. Instructor, R. N. Cross, 2G.

English 9. Modern Literature-Poets of the Nineteenth Century. Instructor,-