1900, 24, Worcester A. C., O.

The game yesterday afternoon between the Worcester Athletic Club and the Freshman team was a most onesided affair. The Freshman line held beautifully, so that with the exception of one 25 yard run Worcester Athletic was at no time able to make their five yards. The '00 backs also put up a strong game, making long runs behind good interference. In this respect the Freshmen were especially superior to W. A. C., for the latter absolutely lacked team work and appeared frequently not to understand their signals.

The Freshmen won the toss, taking the south goal with a strong wind at their backs. W. A. C. made a poor kick-off and '00 had possession of the ball on their own 40 yard line. After the third rush the ball was given to Irwin-Martin. With the aid of good interference by Heard and Warren he made a run of half the length of the field, scoring a touchdown within two minutes of play.

Nineteen hundred took advantage of the wind to return the kick-off and Heard tackled Jordan on W. A. C.'s 10 yard line. Again W. A. C. was held for four downs and by short gains '00 pushed the ball over for a second touchdown. Both goals were kicked. The ball was again taken out to the middle of the field only to have the same thing repeated. Within five minutes Hawkins scored again on a forty yard run. The first half ended with the score 16-0 in favor of the Freshmen.

Time was called in the second half on account of darkness after ten minutes play. But in that time two more touchdowns had been made, one on a sixty yard run by Hatch and the other on a long run by Irwin-Martin. Score, 24 to 0.

The line-up of the two teams was as follows:



Heard, l.e. r.e., Becton.

Barney, l.t. r.t., Madley.

Boal, l.g. r.g., Walker.

Kidder, c. c., Eastman.

Trainer, r.g. l.g., Holden.

Talbot, r.t. l.t., Chapin.

Hawkins, r.e. l.e., Bigelow.

Hatch, q.b. q.b., Gregson.

Irwin-Martin, l. h.b. r.h.b., Albertson.

Parker, r.h.b. l.h.b., Morgan.

Warren, f.b. f.b., Jordan.

Referce-R. H. Steveson '97. Umpire-W. Adams. Attendance-28, of which not more than 10 were freshmen.