Harvard-Princeton Debate.

The Committee on Arrangements for the Princeton Debate received last evening the following letter:

To the Joint Committee of the Harvard Union and Harvard Forum:

GENTLEMEN:- We, the judges at the recent first trial to select candidates for the Harvard-Princeton Debate, feel that, since it is not possible to choose the full number of candidates, the list chosen should be increased before the final selection of speakers. We, therefore, recommend unanimously that at another trial, to be arranged for as soon as possible, five other candidates be selected to compete in a final trial with the candidates selected Nov. 10.

If we can aid you by serving as judges at this second preliminary trial, we are ready to help you to that extent.

Yours very truly,


GEO P. BAKER, L. B. R. BRIGGS, J. J. HAYES.Nov. 11, 1896.