BIBLE CLASS.- The class in the Life of St. Paul will meet, for the second time, tonight in 42 Hastings, at 7.45. Any one desiring to join the class may do so at that time.

CHESS CLUB.- Members of the chess team will meet in the square at 6.45 this evening to take the Tremont House car for 18 Boylston place, Boston, where will be played the fall team match with the Boston Chess Club. The team has been made up as follows: W. C. Arensberg '00, F. F. Davis G., C. H. Dunn M., E. B. Escott G., E. P. Fay L., J. Hewins, Jr., '98, A. W. Ryder '97, E. E. Southard '97, T. Spalding L.

ALL men going to the U. of P. Harvard game sign book at Leavitt and Perice's to get reduction in railroad fares.

LACROSSE practice today at 3.30 on Holmes Field. Ex-Captain Scott will be out to coach new men. 37 2t

C. M. WOODS, Capt.SOCIAL UNION.- Teachers are urgently needed for classes in French, English Composition, English Literature, Banjo, Guitar, Harmony. Lessons are only one hour a week. Four men are also needed for special service. Volunteers please apply to Mr. Legh R. Pearson, Social Union Building, 42 Brattle street, or to G. H. Dorr '97, 56 Plympton street.