Last Game of the Season to be played today at Philadelphia.

Although somewhat crippled, the Harvard eleven will begin the game against Pennsylvania with a much stronger eleven than the one which lined up against Princeton two weeks ago. Wheeler and Haughton strengthen the tackles, and with Cabot on left end and Captain Wrightington behind the line, the team should make the best showing of the year.

Dunlop stayed in Cambridge until yesterday to have his knee massaged and left for Philadelphia last night. He will start the game but it is doubtful whether he will last it out, for his knee is still in bad condition. His substitute will probably be Livermore, for Cozzens's ankle is still very weak.

Last evening the Harvard and Pennsylvania elevens with the coaches were given a reception at Houston Hall, the Penn. University Club, by the members of the university.

The game this afternoon will be called at two o'clock, the line-up being as follows:




N. W. Cabot '98, l. e, 172

S. W. Wheeler '98, l. t., 206

G. W. Bouve '98, l. g., 203

F. G. Shaw '97, c., 210

J. N. Shaw '98, r. g., 202

P. D. Haughton '99, r. t., 186

J. B. Moulton '98, r. e., 172

A. N. Beale '97, q. b., 159

E. N. Wrightington '97, l. h., 168