Seventy-Two Men Respond to the Call. Work Begins Today.

Seventy-two candidates who are not playing football turned out for the Freshman crew last night in the Trophy Room of the Gymnasium. Captain Goodrich of the University crew spoke to the candidates on the necessity for steady, hard work, and then took the names, and weights of the candidates, which are as follows:

S. Wadsworth, 150; C. S. Harding, 154; C. Hardon, 137; J. S. Bigelow, 165; F. G. Higginson, 160; G. S. Saltonstall, 154; C. G. Howland, Jr., 153; B. Cohen, 136; J. H. Eaton, 138; J. M. Raynolds, 140; E. B. MacKaye, 120; E. Ingraham, 140; T. Scott, 135; C. B. Durham, 148; W. A. Hosley, 140; G. S. Porter, 160; R. C. Bolling, 135; Murray Seasongood, 145; J. C. Fyske, 145; S. F. Coleman, 181; H. W. Moses, 173; F. O. Byrd, 157; N. F. Ayer, 150; R. C. Heath, 170; T. W. Peirce, 158; M. Churchill, 150; J. M. Glidden, 160; W. F. Skillings, 150; Davis Elkins, 158; E. H. Graham, 155; S. T. Breckenridge, 134 1-2; N. W. Tilton, 169; N. Biddle, 155; G. B. Hawes, 144; R. S. Mason, 144; G. H. Burton, 151; J. S. Barnes, 163; J. S. Croswell, 128; H. S. Robinson, 147; J. H. Holmes, 145; H. Fitzgerald, 155; K. Sherburne, 145; E. Grinnell, 132; G. B. Brown, 152; A. Robinson, 156; S. O. Goddard, 159; G. O. Clark, 142; S. B. Snow, 135; Sidney Williams, 128; M. Emery, Jr., 148; Dana Estes, 143; E. H. George, 143; Robert Hoe, Jr., 150; R. W. Bliss, 145; R. O. Boardman, 150; G. G. Hubbard, 135; J. H. Holliday, 148; A. B. Chandler, 140; S. O. Fitzgerald, 180; O. F. Davis, 151; C. H. Morrill, 128; W. deF. Bigelow, 164; H. Whitbeck, 145; W. S. Clough, 145; J. Palmer, Jr., 149; W. Phillips, 135; F. C. Smith, 154; C. Wiener, 147; A. B. Sturgis, 140; H. K. Boutwell. 155 1-2; A. Jay, 148.

Out of the number twelve men have rowed before. Byrd and Glidden rowed on the Shattuck crew at St. Paul's School, and Biddle on the Halcyon eight. Emery, Boardman Hubbard and Phillips have rowed on B. A. A. crews; Higginson and Saltonstall rowed at Groton, and Jay at Eaton.

Work will begin tomorrow when several of the candidates will be taken on the river in pairs.

There will be another call for candidates who have played football after the football season.