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The welcome news that Andover and Exeter have finally settled their differences amicably and have arranged a new dual athletic league will be received with a great deal of pleasure at Harvard, not only by the graduates of the two schools now in this University, but by the whole undergraduate body. Harvard is intimately and amicably connected with both Andover and Exeter, and has received many noted athletes from among their graduates. Anything, therefore, that is for the scholastic or athletic welfare of these schools is of deep interest to Harvard.

The renewal of the dual league is certainly for the welfare of both Andover and Exeter. With the termination of the dual league three years ago, healthy athletic competition between the two academies gave way to frequent wrangling; and the many unpleasant charges and counter-charges gave rise to much ill feeling. As the rivalry ended, athletics languished, and the school teams fell off in excellence.

Now, however, with the old healthy rivalry reestablished, the athletes of the two schools will be benefitted directly.

At the football game a week from tomorrow,- the first contest under the new agreement,- a large number of graduates of the schools, now in Harvard, should be present and make it known that they heartily approve the resumption of athletic contests between the old rivals.