PROSPECT UNION.- Several copies of volume 1 of Bryce's "American Commonwealth" are wanted for a class in Government in the Prospect Union. Copies loaned will be well taken care of. Leave at CRIMSON office.

H. G. GRAY.CYCLING ASSOCIATION.- All men who have not received their shingles may obtain them by presenting receipts for their subscriptions to the secretary any evening from 6 to 7 at No. 2 Holyoke House. Any one wishing to join the association should call at the same hours.

GEO. F. HURT, Sec.48 5

FRESHMAN GLEE CLUB.- There will be a trial of candidates for the Freshman Glee Club, Tuesday night, at seven o'clock, in Lower Dane. Every member of the Freshman class who can sing is urged to come and bring a solo.