'VARSITY BANJO CLUB.- No rehearsal tonight. There will be one tomorrow night at 6.30 sharp.

R. B. FLERSHEM.THE second trial for the Freshman Banjo Club will be held in 1256 Mass. Ave. at 6.30 tonight instead of at eight o'clock.

R. B. FLERSHEM.PIERIAN SODALITY.- Rehearsal this evening at 7 o'clock sharp. All men must be present, as final preparations are to be made for the Belmont concert, which occurs Friday, December 18.

There will be a business meeting after the rehearsal.

E. B. TERHUNE, Conductor.'VARSITY GLEE CLUB.- Rehearsal tonight at 6.45.


SPRINGFIELD CLUB.- There will be an important meeting at 34 Matthews, Tuesday evening at 8.

J. A. DENISON, Sec.PRINCETON DEBATE.- All men who are going down to the Princeton Debate will please send their names at once to F. C. Sutro, Thayer 30.