The Pierian Concert Tonight.

This evening the Pierian Sodality will give a concert in the Belmont Town Hall under the auspices of the Belmont Tennis Club. After the concert a dance will be given to the members of the orchestra.

The following is the programme of the concert:

1. March, "King Cotton," Sousa.

2. Waltz, "Wein, Weib, und Gesang," Strauss.

3. (a) Ti Saluto, Nevin.


3. (b) In a Bower, Nevin.

4. Overture, "Orpheus,"

5. March, "Marguerite of Monte Carlo," F. Osmond Carr.

6. Valse, Lento, Delibes.

7. Polonaise from Mignon, Thomas.

8. Selection, Hungarian Dance, No. 1, Brahms.

9. Waltz, "Grubenlichter," Zeller.

10. March, "El Capitan," Sousa.