The Issue for this Year the Largest Ever Published.

The University Catalogue containing the official statistics of the University was issued yesterday and is the largest catalogue of Harvard ever published, containing 680 pages in the single volume. It shows that there are 3674 students in all departments of the University, a gain of 74 over last year. There has been a decrease in many departments but the increase in other departments has more than compensated for the diminution.

In the College proper there has been a decrease in numbers from 1771 last year to 1754 this year. The loss in numbers is in the Senior and Freshman classes. The other two have increased a little, but not enough to make up for the loss. The Senior class last year numbered 366 students against 328 of this year. The Junior class has grown from 338 to 377 and the Sophomore from 455 to 473. The Freshman class from 462 to 416 and the special students number as they did last year, 160.

The Lawrence Scientific School has increased from 340 last year to 368 this year, and the Graduate School from 285 to 295. This gives a grand total of students enrolled under the Faculty of Arts and Sciences of 2417, an increase of 21 over last year.

In the Law School there has been a total gain of from 465 to 475 and in the Medical School there has been a gain of 23 students, there being 554 now enrolled. In the Dental School there has been a total gain of from 102 to 131. The number in the School of Veterinary Medicine has decreased from 55 to 52 and the Bussey Institute has also decreased from 15 to 11.

Radcliffe college is also included in the Harvard Catalogue having a total number of 356 students.