Special Notice.

TUTORING in History 1, 10.

C. E. WHITMORE, JR., 12 Hollis Hall.83 tf

HISTORY 1, 9, 10, 12, Latin 10, Government 1, Fine Arts 3, Semitic 12, Philosophy 5. Tutoring.


TUTORING in French A, 2 and 1a, by an experienced tutor. References from Professor de Sumichrast. Apply at 114 Oxford street. 12t


ALL graduates of '94 and '95 who have not yet received copies of the Portfolio for '94 or '95 may receive them by writing W. B. Wolffe.

TUTORING.- English, A, B, 2, 11; Physics, 1-5; Chemistry, A, B, 1, 2a, 2; Mathematics, A to F. Applications by mail.

F. L. MEREDITH, B. S., 8 Ellery St.,

TUTORING.- History 1, 10; Economics 1; Government and Law 1; and Geology 4. Maps in History 1, 10.

C. A. ROSS '96, 6 College House.88 20t

TUTORING in Physics 1, Engineering 1a, Math. A, Ger. A, Latin A.

A. E. DOUCETTE, GR., 8 Thayer Hall.1 3t

The Crawford Shoe leads in style and has a custom made look about it which other makers try to imitate without succeeding.