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Duplicate Whist Tournament.


The following rules have been adopted to govern the conduct of the whist tournament in regard to points likely to be misunderstood:

I. A match shall consist of sixteen hands and replay.

II. A new trump may be turned for each hand, or the same trump may be used throughout the entire match, at the option of the players; the latter method to prevail in case of a division of opinion.

III. After each trick the cards shall be turned face downwards and when the trick has been thus turned and quitted, no player shall look back at any turned card.

IV. Tie matches shall be played off.

V. The penalty for a revoke shall be two tricks; i. e., two tricks shall be taken from the offenders' score and added to the score of the opponents.

VI. The dates of the matches in each section shall be arranged as soon as the drawings are announced. To avoid delay, therefore, it shall be the duty of couple number one in each section to communicate at once with numbers two, three and four regarding dates; number two with numbers three and four; number three with number four.

VII. Disputed points shall be referred to the committee, who may order the match to be replayed.

Owing to the fact that so little time is left to play off the tournament, it will be impossible to extend the time limit on any of the rounds; hence, special attention is called to rule VI. If any match shall not have been played when the time limit has passed, or if couples shall have been unable before then to arrange a date for a match, the committee will then decide the matter and will enforce the rule against any who have not been prompt in arranging their matches.

Each couple shall play every other couple in its section one match of sixteen hands and shall report the results, with scores, before 6 p. m. on February 15 to J. D. Arnold, Matthews 41. The two couples standing highest in each section will go up to the next round.

Since the winners of the championship last year are not now in college, it has been decided to allow Hall and Jones, and Denison and Booth, the two couples who were tied for second place last year, to draw a bye to the end of the final round. Hence the winners of the tournament will have to play off with them for the championship. This step was taken because it will shorten the tournament by one round and will simplify matters in picking the pairs for the team.

As it is very likely that a few of the older players may be induced to compete for the team which is to play Yale, it will not necessarily follow that those who rank as first, second and third in the tournament will constitute the team.

Following are the drawings for the first round:

Section I.1. J. F. Crosby, J. F. Twombly.

2. W. Brownell, W. H. Cahn.

3. M. G. Beaman, A. R. Campbell.

4. W. J. Miller, W. W. McKibben.

Section II.1. O. C. Gallagher, A. W. Hall.

2. F. D. Morrill, J. W. Peck.

3. H. S. Johnson, W. E. Beggs.

4. E. D. Fullerton, A. H. Howard.

5. W. S. Hobson, F. Heilig.

Section III.1. L. Ham, J. A. Pierce.

2. S. C. Sellers, G. R. Jenkins

3. M. T. McAlpine, W. H. Grimes.

4. P. E. Sargent, R. H. Hart.

5. G. A. Davis, E. H. Davis.

Section IV.1. D. C. Catlin, M. T. Baldwin.

2. E. R. Eastman, B. B. Howard.

3. L. F. Smith, L. B. Murdock.

4. H. L. Belisle, H. Hill.

Section V.1. L. E. Bristol, P. R. Dean.

2. T. C. Thwaits, C. E. Whitmore.

3. T. H. Clarkson, F. L. Woodward.

4. H. L. Carter, R. B. Carter.

5. R. B. Porter, E. B. Pratt.

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