Freshman Debating Club.

At the weekly meeting of the Freshman Debating Club last night the question debated was: "Resolved, That labor unions are detrimental to the prosperity of the United States." F. B. Granger and P. Auten spoke on the affirmative and F. R. Stoddard, Jr.. and G. M. Poland on the negative.

W. E. Hutton criticised the debaters and selected Stoddard and Granger as the best speakers of the evening. These men, together with those selected at the next two meetings will be the speakers in a special debate.

The first trial debate for the selection of the men who will debate against Yale will take place Tuesday, March 24, at 7.30 p. m. in Harvard 1.

On this occasion ten men will be selected who will speak in the final competion, Thursday, March 26, in Sever 11.