Department Library.

The libraries of the departments of English, of German and of the Romance languages consolidated at the beginning of this year, and now have a large library in Sever 2 and 4. The library numbers about 1000 volumes. Some of the books were donated by various instructors, and some were bought with part of the proceeds of the English play given last spring. A large number of books come from the estate of the late Professor Torrey.

All members of advanced courses of the above-mentioned departments may, with the consent of the instructor in charge of their course, procure a key from Professor Schilling, the librarian, upon the payment of twenty-five cents.

Professor Kittredge, chairman of the library committee, hopes that all students who can afford it will donate books to the library. The books should, of course, be standard works. Single volumes will be very acceptable. Donations can be left with instructors or with Mr. Kernan in Gore Hall.

The object of having this library is to enable students to do research work. The fullest editions of all the principal English, German, Italian and Spanish authors will soon be bought.