Sophomore Crew.

For the last week or two the '98 crew has been rowing under the supervision of Mr. Tudor of the B. A. A. The work is rather lighter than formerly, as the men are not doing work on the chestweights and very seldom take an outdoor run. They row every day for about three-quarters of an hour. The crew rowed yesterday in the following order: Stroke, Adams; 7, Cabot; 6, Hurley; 5, Fuller; 4, Scull; 3, Butler; 2, Rice; bow. Dobyns.

Monday and yesterday the candidates took their strength tests with the following results:

L. H. P. Hennan, 912, N. W. Cabot, 756,

F. Dobyns. 900, C. B. Woods, 741,

S. L. Fuller. 859, A. F. Barnes, 721,


A. F. Dubois, 849, E. Wadsworth 714.

G. H. Kinnicutt, 826, G. H. Scull, 668,

H. McBurney, 815, L. S. Butler, 651

C. C. Bull, 795, G. B. Burrage, 630.

A. H. Rice, 769, J. D. Towner, 608.

H. Adams, 767,