A University Convention.

The scheme which has been much talked of for a University convention to nominate candidates for the Presidency has at last assumed definite form. The matter was taken up by the Forum, and after thorough discussion in the society, and with the advice of several of the Faculty, a committee was appointed consisting of Dobyns '98, Friedberg '96, Youngmans L. S., and Gardner, '98, into whose hands the matter was put.

The committee met last night with representatives from all the States, and, after a discussion formulated a plan which was adopted almost unanimously.

The main aim is of course to keep the convention bi-partisan throughout its entire proceedings till the balloting begins. The heads of the various delegations are to choose their delegates evually between the two parties. These are to be submitted to the Forum Committee which is bi-partisan. Lest the delegation chairmen should be moved by partisan sympathies in their selections the committee has appointed a day when complaints may be made concerning any party favoritism shown.

The number of delegates from each state is half that of its present representation in the House of Representatives, half to count as one in favor of the state. Where a number of delegates from a state is odd, the odd men are to be divided equall between the parties.

The names of the delegates are to be submitted before May 1 and challenges received on May 11, a week before the convention. The details will be given in the CRIMSON at an early date.


Though apparently the convention will be equally divided between the two parties, it really is between the two parties, it really is between the two parties as they last voted. The financial questions, as well as the various candidates for nomination, will cause an indeterminate split, from which is bound to arise a sufficiency of convention uncertainty and excitement.