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The last performance of the '96 Hasty Pudding theatricals was given at the Club House last evening. The hall was crowded, in spite of the threatening weather, with a most enthusiastic audience. From the rising of the curtain on the first act to the end of the play, the most generous applause was given, and all the principals were repeatedly encored. Parker's song in the third act, The Typical Topical Song, especially caught the audience with its local hits, and verse after verse was called for.

The specialties in the second act were also very warmly received. Schurz's imitation of Sothern in "The Prisoner of Sunday," a burlesque on the Prisoner of Zenda was very cleverly done and was really an exceptionally good bit of acting.

The humorous experiments of M. E. Stone, Jr., and H. A. Curtis with the X-rays were very funny and were heartily applauded. So, too, was the charmingly simple and graceful Tyrolean dance by F. S. Hoppin and N. B. Fenno.

Much of the credit for the success of the play is due to J. A. Carpenter, who wrote the music. The songs and choruses were very tuneful and catchy.

The chorus was much better trained than the ordinary chorus as a result of Mr. Gilbert's careful work. Between the first and second acts he was presented with a silver cup by the actors as a mark of their very high appreciation of the services he has rendered the club by his valuable and faithful coaching.

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