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For some time it has been thought by many having an interest in athletics at Harvard that the Harvard "H" is at present too indiscriminately given and too commonly worn. It has been worn by athletic teams which, while in perfectly good standing as far as they go, at the same time do not represent the University in the general way that should be demanded of those to whom the "H" is granted. There is no system of colors in use here as in the English universities by which athletic rank may be distinguished and because of that very fact, and the fact that the only means of rewarding a man for his successful efforts in making a team is by the granting of an "H," it is all the more important that its value should be carefully guarded and preserved.

With this object in view, a meeting of the Athletic Committee was called and the following rules were decided upon:

For the Baseball Team: A sweater with the "H" shall be issued to every man on the nine and to every substitute going with the nine.

The "H's" of the sweaters to be returned to the managers at the end of the season by every man who has not played in one of the most important games of the season; these games to be decided by the captain and the chairman of the Athletic Committee.

The same rules apply to the Football Team.

For the Mott Haven Team: A sweater with the "H" shall be granted to each man who has won a point in any dual games or in the Mott Haven games. All other members of the team to have a sweater with H. A. A. upon it.

Hatbands shall be issued to the managers of teams and to wearers of the "H's." The hatband to be returned with the "H's."

The committee also have under discussion the question of distinguishing one team from another by colors or by the shape of the "H," though no decision will be reached as to this until the middle of May.

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