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The 'Varsity games which were held yesterday afternoon on Holmes Field resulted in a dismal failure on account of the disagreeable weather. During the first part of the afternoon no rain fell, though the air was very chilly and the track was heavy, but later the rain began and kept increasing until it became necessary to postpone the high jump and pole vault.

Of course, under these circumstances, good time was impossible, and in only a few of the events were the performances as good as those of Monday. The exceptions were the quarter-mile run, in which Hollister equaled the time made by Vincent of 50.4-5 seconds, and the shot putting, in which Kubli exceeded Lovering's distance. Kubli, however, was not in good form and did not come within several feet of his usual distance. J. G. Clarke did remarkable work in the broad jump, considering the weather, though he did not quite come up to his former mark.

The high hurdle race, which was the first event of the afternoon, was run in one heat of five men. Munroe was easily the fastest of the entries and had no difficulty in beating Kubli by three yards. Williams was a good third.

The six men who started in the final heat of the hundred-yard dash made a very close race, and for the first half of the distance ran almost neck and neck. In the last few yards Bigelow drew ahead of Redpath and won by a few inches, while Roche was almost on even terms with the leaders.

Bigelow also repeated his victory in the 220-yard dash, which took place while the rain was falling in torrents. The time in consequence was slow.

The mile walk resulted in a procession, in which Phillips led from the start, and finished fifty yards ahead of Liebmann.

The quarter mile run had only four starters, but furnished one of the best races of the afternoon. Vincent, who won this race on Monday, started in the half mile instead, while Hollister took his place in the quarter. Hollister set a fast pace and was followed by Mansfield and Fish, who ran close together for the entire distance. In the home stretch Fish proved the faster of the two and passed Mansfield, finishing about ten yards behind Hollister.

The mile run was almost a repetition of the race on Monday. Grant took the lead and was never headed, while Fenno was equally sure of second place. Newell did not run and Foote secured third place after a hard struggle.

The half mile run furnished a surprise. Vincent was looked on as an easy winner, but he was by no means in his usual form. Blakemore and Bordman set the pace for most of the distance, with Vincent almost in last place. Near the finish Vincent tried to make up for lost time, but was unable to get anywhere near Bordman.


120 Yards Hurdle.

Won by V. Munro; second, K. K. Kubli; third, H. L. Williams. Time, 17 1-5s.

100 Yards Dash.

First trial heat. Won by M. G. Gonterman; second, A. Dyrenforth. Time, 10 3-5s.

Second heat. Won by J. T. Roche, Jr.; second, A. M. Eaton. Time, 11s.

Third heat. Won by F. H. Bigelow; second, L. W. Redpath. Time, 10 3-5s.

Final heat. Won by F. H. Bigelow; second, L. W. Redpath; third, J. T. Roche, Jr. Time, 10 2-5s.

Mile Walk.

Won by J. D. Phillips; seond, C. J. Liebmann; third, P. Nichols. Time, 7m. 22s.

440 Yards Dash.

Won by E. Hollister; second, H. H. Fish; third, W. R. Mansfield. Time, 50 4-5s.

220 Yards Dash.

Won by F. H. Bigelow; second, L. W. Redpath; third, A. M. Eaton. Time 23 1-5s.

Running Broad Jump.

Won by J. G. Clark; second, F. Mason; third, A. Stickney, Jr. Distance, 22 ft. 2 1-2 in.

Throwing 16 Pound Hammer.

Won by W. D. Hennen; distance, 105 ft. 10 in.; second, F. G. Shaw, 92 ft. 9 in.; third, I. Haines.

Putting 16 Pound Shot.

Won by K. K. Kubli, 37 ft. 6 in.; second, F. G. Shaw, 35 ft. 7 in.; third, A. Lovering, 35 ft. 3 in.

(Running high jump and pole vault postponed).

Two Mile Bicycle Race.

First trial heat. Won by G. F. Baker, Jr.; second, E. D. Powers. Time, 6m. 30s.

Seond heat. Won by A. E. Dacy, second, H. P. White. Time, 5m. 33 1-5s.

Final heat. Won by H. P. White; second, S. F, Baker, Jr.; third, E. D. Powers. Time, 5m. 55 2-5s.

Mile Run.

Won by D. Grant; second, E. N. Fenno, Jr.; third, H. W. Foote. Time, 4m. 33 1-5s.

Half Mile Run.

Won by J. Bordman; second, A. W. Blakemore; third, W. H. Vincent. Time, 2m. 3 3-5s.

220 Yards Hurdle Race.

Won by J. L. Bremer; second, F. Mason; third, W. G. Morse. Time, 25 4-5s.

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