LACROSSE.- The new sticks have arrived and are at 35 Hastings. All men who have but one stick are urged to get a new one. Practice as usual at 4 o'clock.

W. SCOTT, Capt.CRICKET.- Practice at Beacon Park at 3.30 p. m.

THE election of officers of the Harvard Christian Association will be held Thursday, May 14, after the regular meeting at Holden Chapel. Nominations should be sent to W. W. Orr, 18 Weld, H. G. Dorman, or W. W. Phelps, on or before Saturday, May 2.

HARVARD LAMPOON.- All men desiring to try for the position of business editor of the Lampoon will please call at the Sanctum, 3 Linden street, Thursday, at 12 or at 7.

R. L. SCAIFE. Bus. Manager.HARVARD NATIONAL CONVENTION.- All head delegates are urged to have the names of the men comprising their state delegations in by Friday at the latest.


YOUNGMAN L. S., GARDINER '98, Com. for Republicans. DOBYNS '98, FRIEDBERG '96, Com. for Democrats.ALL men wishing to present articles for consideration for the May number of the Harvard Monthly will confer a favor by leaving their manuscripts with the secretary on or before May 1.

H. A. PHILLIPS, 28 Holyoke street.