A Fast Track.- Two Harvard Records Broken.

The weather on Saturday afternoon was perfect and the track in excellent condition. In consequence the large crowd which came to see the Biennial Games were fortunate enough to be present at as successful a meeting as has ever been held in Cambridge. Two Harvard records were broken and in all the events the performances were excellent.

The invitation half mile race was expected to be the event of the day, but was somewhat of a disappointment, because all the entries were afraid to run against Hollister except Hollander of New York. Hollister set the pace from the start and Hollander ran at his heels for a lap and a half. Here Hollister increased his speed and gradually drawing ahead, won as he pleased by 40 yards. His time of 1m. 56 4-5s. breaks the Harvard record of 1m. 56 7-8s., held by Goodwin, and might easily have been faster if Hollister had been pushed at all.

In the mile run a large field started with Conneff on the scratch. It was announced that Grant would try to break the Harvard record, and, as he had a handicap of 50 yards, he continued beyond the finish to this point where special timers were stationed. Conneff was in poor form and gained only a few yards on Grant during true race. Grant ran with excellent pluck and judgment, and half a lap from the finish took the lead for a moment. Foote, however, with his long handicap, proved too strong and regained the lead. Grant was a close second, and continuing to the 50 yard mark, he completed the mile in 4m. 28 1-5s., which breaks Coolidge's record of 4m. 30 4-5s.

In the quarter mile run the handicaps were altogether too long and the men near scratch had no chance to win places. The winner was M. Butler, whose time was 48s. Fish ran a good race and finished close to the winners, with Mansfield close behind him.

The half mile run was equally poorly handicapped and was won by Fenno who hardly had to exert himself.


In the low hurdle race Mason succeeded in winning from Bremer in the excellent time of 16 2-5s.

Putnam did the best work in the high jump and cleared 5 ft. 10 7-8 in. In the broad jump J. S. Clark, who was the most promising man in this event, sprained his ankle and will be unable to compete for some time.

The summary:

120 Yards Hurdle Race (hurdles 3 ft. 6 in.)

Trial heats won by S. Chase, D. A. A. (owes 9 yds.) 16 4-5s.; J. H. Horne, B. C. A. A. (owes 4 yds.), 16 3-5s.; E. C. Perkins, Y. A. A. (owes 6 yds.), 16 3-5s.; V. Munroe, H. A. A. (owes 5 yds.), 17 1-5s. Final won by J. H. Horne, J. H. A. A. (owes 4 yds.); second, E. C. Perkins, Y.

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